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Periodontal / gum disease is a condition that can damage bone and gum tissues that help keep your teeth in place. Generally it is the result of bacterial plaque within the mouth.  Gum disease may progress through the stages of gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis without proper dental care.

Apart from causing bone loss, periodontal disease often leads to gum recession and other dental problems.  Treating gum disease early is important to preserving your oral health and teeth.  At Juan Quintero D.M.D we are pleased to offer nonsurgical and surgical procedures to treat the various stages of gum disease.

If periodontal disease has impacted your oral health, please contact one your Palmetto Bay periodontal treatment office – Juan Quintero D.M.D to learn about your dental treatment options.


If you are having the following symptoms, you may be a candidate for periodontal treatment. These symptoms include inflamed or bleeding gums, bad breath, pus around gums, bone loose, or loose teeth.

No matter how progressive your gum disease might be, seeking treatment is essential in preserving  your oral health.


Recovery after periodontal treatment  in Palmetto Bay

The key to effective recovery from many periodontal treatments is maintaining rigorous dental hygiene at home.  This includes good brushing and flossing habits daily.  Periodontal therapies are personalized according to the severity of your oral health.  A periodontal treatment program will be established to help maintain oral health during your treatment at Juan Quintero D.M.D.


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