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Your Path to Exceptional Oral Health in Palmetto Bay

At Dr. Juan F. Quintero, DMD, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch oral surgery services right here in Palmetto Bay. Our skilled team is committed to enhancing your oral health and overall well-being through precise and compassionate oral surgery procedures. Whether you’re facing wisdom teeth extraction, dental implant placement, or other oral surgery needs, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. Our focus is on ensuring your comfort and delivering exceptional results, so you can enjoy a healthy and confident smile.

Oral Surgery in Palmetto Bay, FL

Our dental practice offers various oral surgery procedures.  The most common oral surgery procedures today include:

Tooth Extractions

Damaged, nonfunctional, or badly positioned teeth that cannot be easily reached require surgical extraction.

Oral surgery involved the removal of bone and gum tissue in order to expose the tooth for removal.

Dental Implant Oral Surgery:

An implant procedure includes oral surgery. The titanium implant will be placed inside your jawbone and act as an anchor

where a crown restoration, bridge, or complete denture (more than one implant placed for this type of case).

Blue Dental Studio offers the following oral surgery procedures:

  • Dental Implants
  • Non-functional, non-restorable teeth
  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Teeth removal for orthodontic treatment

During your initial examination, Dr. Garcia Pino will perform a comprehensive diagnosis and present a personalized dental treatment plan to correct any oral problems.

Her delicate approach and expertise will make your dental visit and procedure a relaxed and comfortable one.

Expert Oral Surgery Right in Your Neighborhood

When you’re in search of ‘oral surgery near me,’ look no further than Dr. Juan F. Quintero, DMD. Our practice is conveniently located and equipped to provide efficient and patient-centered oral surgery treatments. We understand that oral surgery can be a crucial step in your dental wellness journey, and our experienced team is here to make it as smooth and comfortable as possible. Whether you’re in Palmetto Bay or the surrounding areas, we’re your reliable destination for expert oral surgery procedures. Experience the benefits of convenient and professional oral surgery available right in your community.

No need to worry, we’ll make your visit as comfortable as possible!

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